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Pre-natal and Post-partum Exercise

Here at Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation the pre-natal program is designed to provide you with an exercise program that will help to keep you strong, improve circulation, pelvic floor competency, posture and sense of well-being in preparation for labor. The post-partum exercise program will guide you back into your active lifestyle providing you with an exercise program tailored to increasing energy levels, strengthening your core and pelvis.

Post C-section Exercise

Having a c-section is major surgery and the timing of this program is coordinated with the advise and recommendation of your OB/GYN.  The intent of our program here at Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation is to provide you with both pre and post-operative education and guidance.

The pre-operative component is designed to help you transition in the most seamless way from the hospital to your home.  The exercises are safe and gentle and will help to ease the apprehension and discomfort of movement or coughing.

Post-operatively the program is designed to help guide you through postural re-education, muscular and pelvic floor strengthening and introduce increased aerobic activity over the course of time. This program is coordinated with your OB/GYN.

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