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Long Term Fitness & Wellness Goal Setting

At Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation we believe that exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps to improve the quality of life. This service is a collaborative program integrating your long-term fitness and wellness goals with injury prevention and an increased awareness as to how to progress your endurance and strengths. We will help you to build a solid physical foundation and become independent in setting attainable, cumulative goals.

Injury Prevention for Athletes

At Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation we are excited to introduce this aspect of care to our services. When an athlete sets a physical challenge for the body he or she may also meet a new barrier. Our goal with this program is to help you to access your body’s ultimate movement potential with injury prevention being the key. Following a thorough review of your sport, goals and challenges we will guide you through the complexities of the mechanisms of injury and means by which you can address these pro-actively.

Using Exercise to Help Manage Blood Sugars

In response to this rapidly increasing public health issue we at Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation will design an exercise program that will help to increase your day-to-day activity level in a systematic and safe manner. Exercise, as part of a holistic approach to disease management, can help to regulate blood sugar levels. It is also an integral part of helping to manage body weight and cardio-vascular health. We will work closely with your doctor and other health care professionals to ensure that you receive a individualized and comprehensive exercise program.

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