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Musculoskeletal Pain and Joint Stiffness

At Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation we use manual therapy and soft tissue mobilization as an integral part of our wellness program. Massage therapy can be utilized in the care of acute to chronic injury, for migraine relief and pain associated with diseases like fibromyalgia. In addition to our physical therapy staff we have highly trained massage therapists on staff who have specialized in therapeutic massage. Massage therapy is used in conjunction with physical therapy to help improve the health of your muscles and joints by increasing circulation and tightness.

Pre-natal Massage

At Gurnee Physical therapy rehabilitation we work closely with your OB/GYN and use pre-natal massage to help relieve muscle discomfort and stiffness, improve circulation and lymphatic flow crease circulation and aid in relaxation. This aspect of your care can also be used in conjunction with our pre-natal physical therapy program which is designed to address specific musculoskeletal concerns and also just simply to guide you towards safe and gentle exercise routines which will keep you active and healthy during your pregnancy.

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